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Advert Warehouse offers professional consultation service in the area of architectural and general signage.

Pre-construction consultation
We prefer to get involved from the very beginning stage of the project or when the blue prints are being prepared before even the construction begins. This way we can work with the architects to reserve certain provision in terms of size, exposure, visibility, reach, height, and power point for the signs as they would be installed later on.

Post construction consultation
‘It is never too late’, and that is our motto . Either due to oversight, poor planning, insufficient funds or change in management or due to numerous other reasons, certain buildings and construction do not have any signs or lacks adequate sign-age. In this situation, we give full recommendation and planning to cover the area within and outside the perimeter of such facilities comprehensive plan for sign system. Our top priority has always been the customer bottom line in terms of their budget.

What is covered in consultation?
We visit the facility ( sometimes more than once ) and take all measurements and photographs Detailed drawings are rendered with image super imposed to give real WYSIWYG ( what you see is what you get ) image. All designs are drawn on scale and in correct proportion unless where stated otherwise. This way the client and their architects will get a true picture of anticipation

Consultation includes and covers the following topics:

Does client have a brand manual?
Is there any additional player in the project like Architect, Interior designer, Ad-agency etc?
Why do I need a sign?
When do I need a sign?
Where do I put my sign?
Who is qualified to be my sign supplier?
Which type of signs do I need?
What type of image is best for my sign?
How to get an expensive look without extra expense.
The do’s and don’ts of a sign
A lot of times, consultation team is made of our consultant of fabrication and installation team, Graphic designer, electrician, and masons and other technicians mostly from our in-house team.